Carolina Blue Sky

IMG_6106 (2)

Blue sky embedded on flat rocks

Mountain stream gurgles over

wet stones

polished and shaped

during ten thousand summers and winters.


Native Americans sat on these rocks

drank from the stream

enjoyed the beauty of the falls

long before we arrived…

to claim it!

IMG_6103 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today the d’Verse group is back from summer break, and our prompt is Blue!  We are to write a Quadrille of  exactly 44 words using the prompt. Skies have be extra blue this summer, as pollution and smog are reduced due to Covid-19 stay at home orders. There is nothing more beautiful than the Great Smoky Mountains. The photos above are from our trip to the Pisgah National Forest in 2012. This is Looking Glass Falls near Brevard!

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64 thoughts on “Carolina Blue Sky

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! 💝 I love the image of “Blue sky embedded on flat rocks,” 😀 as well as the history behind the quadrille.

    PS: Perhaps the comments there are closed. I am glad you enjoyed it! 💝

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  2. Fabulous photos, Dwight, and a quadrille that took me to a place and time I can never visit – thank you! I love the appeal to the senses in the lines:
    ‘Mountain stream gurgles over
    wet stones
    polished and shaped’.
    A great blend of natural science and history.

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  3. It is interesting to think, of what all history might have happened right here.. Over there Native American tribes, over here Scandinavian Finn and Saami – people.. Then here the dark ages, Ottomans and Hussars claiming slaves, why in Sisilia there are blond blue eyed families..
    How short is our bit, how equally mere part of a whole Narrative, we either get parts of our story, our perspective, vision and creativity into, how worn the stones of our history. How just the experience is ours, and how it is enough in this stream we are. Thanks for the write and the photo was amazing, got my (tired tirade &) imagination going… 😉

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    • Thank you Anthony for your imaginative tirade! Nothing tired about it!! :>) We are but a dot in history, yet we feel we are the whole ball of wax so to speak! You make a great point. History has repeated over and over and over again! The powerful always feel entitled to take at will…. So glad you enjoyed my post. The location is really a lovely spot to visit!

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