Growing Tomatoes in a Can

IMG_3146 (2)

This year I tried something different that has worked very well. When I planted my tomatoes, I took coffee cans with the bottom cut out and put one around each tomato plant. As They grew I added garden soil to the can until it was about a third full. By using the cans, it seemed to keep the ground insects away and focused the water straight onto the roots.Β  I use rain barrels to collect water from my house roof for watering. Every two or three days, I fill the can almost full and let it perk down into the ground. No need to water all around. You can see the results!
Tomatoes thriving
Focused water brings on fruit
Bumper crop this year

IMG_3187 (3)

IMG_E3031 (2)


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

35 thoughts on “Growing Tomatoes in a Can

    • These had no bottoms so the roots could go down in the soil. I also used 10-10-10 fertilizer to help feed them. My garden is made from landscaping dirt when the house was built. I try to put a lot of fiber and some manure in it as well. Water is the key.


  1. I did the same when I first transplanted my plants outside, except I used plastic pots to shelter them from the wind. I ended up removing them. I never thought to leave them and add soil. I might try that next year. Your plants look great!

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