Hot, Hot, Hot

DSC_0533 (3)

Temperatures to day were in the mid 90 F here in North Carolina. You know it is hot when the squirrel is stretched out on my chair in the shade and I am sitting inside with the AC running!
Midsummer heat wave
Squirrel and I try to keep cool
No showers in sight

DSC_0529 (4)

DSC_0537 (3)

DSC_0538 (4)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth





34 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. An interesting piece of poetry. Thank you for sharing. Question: Did you mean to write the word “site” rather than “sight?” I am just curious because it is a nice play on words, in my humble opinion! ☺

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    • Thank you liz!! They think they own the place!! This was an unusual one for sure! We just happened to look out the window and saw him there all laid out! Then he posed for me as I began shooting pictures.!


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