Bottom Leaf

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In an everchanging world, I find myself struggling with the way in which things are moving! Life goes on whether I want to come along or not. As I watch the struggles of social groups and see the injustice that has long plagued our country’s history, I wonder where we are headed.  History like politics has very dark times. We can embrace it, be offended by it,  or attempt to deny it, but it will always be there.  As the next generation comes on, I hope they learn from history instead of repeating it.  I pray that we can all learn to live with each other, allowing for our differences in values and beliefs without feeling like we need to impose ours upon everyone around us. Uniqueness has always been our strength!
Sometimes I feel like the bottom leaf of a plant
Birthed from seed // providing sustenance for a time;
Now eclipsed by more recent growth rising above…
Providing new solar sources to feed from…


Obsolete // no longer making that much difference.
Never meant to shine or blossom // I’ve done my job…
Supporting // nurturing new growth and change;


Yet, now that life has grown beyond me,
I am here // drying up at the bottom of the stalk
while growth and reproduction of values and thought
happens above me // in a world very different from mine.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

33 thoughts on “Bottom Leaf

  1. Hmn. All i can prove of value is just as thin as saying well durn it! You make many a moment brighter my way! B perhaps that hasn’t netted you many pearls. 😁 Assembling my lists niceties likely unwanted but of their value none the same. It’s time for gourmet glazed popcorn with a bit and bite of joy versus emptier words.

    Would you laugh that mica powder – fool’s gold ground up is in billions of dollars artsy powders for crafts or make up? Polymer clay while often just as fake as fool’s gold powder colors but workable unlike the real river clay…. It wraps tin well enough to b a home display of spendy soaps….or potpourri…. But the point here is I fully understand ‘bottommost leaf.’. For now I must radiate the joy knowing even against possibilities most likely, I might offer what might be rejectable yet. Here we go 😉

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  2. My experience and feelings exactly! Thank you, Dwight, for sharing this point of view. I am sure many older people can relate to it. We can vote, write, mentor younger people, contribute time and money to causes we believe in, but no matter what we do to influence outcomes, the baton is being passed.

    Best Regards,

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  3. Hi Dwight, love your blog, this poem is excellent, using nature as a symbol in this way is great. I feel that we have an unprecedented opportunity, to change society and the world, but are fast losing it, as overzealous politicians push us back towards the old norms. “There must be some way out of here, said the beggar to the thief” ( Bob Dylan) and hopefully there will be some way out of our corrupt prison of hatred and greed, towards a better world for all. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. P.S. I loved it so much that I have shared it and reblogged it. Thanks.


  4. I completely relate to your poem, Dwight! I’ve always enjoyed change but I do feel it’s the next generation that is going to carry us through. I sure hope we’re learning some lessons right now.

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  5. Dwight, I join with you in “pray[ing] that we can all learn to live with each other, allowing for our differences in values and beliefs without feeling like we need to impose ours upon everyone around us.” Your metaphor of the bottom leaf of a plant to describe the role of the older generation is perfect. Blessings ❤

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  6. “Sometimes I feel like the bottom leaf of a plant” — I can relate! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good to reconnect to you and your words. Blessings, MW 🙏

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