Almost Heaven

Dusty Sunset - Gary Smucker

An interesting phenomenon occurred this week, when a huge cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa was carried across the Atlantic. Some of the dust entered our atmosphere here in the US and is creating wonderful sunsets as the light reflects off the dust particles. This gorgeous photo was taken yesterday, and posted on Facebook by a friend who lives in Lost River West Virginia. It immediately reminded me of John Denver’s song Almost Heaven West Virginia. He graciously allowed me to use it in my post today.
West Virginia shines in all its glory.
Dusty copper sky glows brilliantly
in evening light above shadowed mountains…
outlining ridges with purple hues;
Dripping a spot of gold on the lake below.
Almost Heaven, West Virginia…” John Denver sang,
dreaming of a place where God paints the sky.
Brushing with broad strokes across a Sahara canvas…
he once again creates beauty and grace from the dust of the earth;
Leaving us all standing in awe and adoration.

Photo: Gary Smucker (c)  – Used by Permission

Listen to his song here:

30 thoughts on “Almost Heaven

  1. Wonderful post, Dwight! Spectacular mountain sunset! Well-chosen video with more inspiring mountain scenery. The Blue Ridge mountains were my home for many years, and will always be close to my heart.

    I like your lines about God once again creating beauty out of the dust of the earth.

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  2. We seem to have spent time in a lot of the same places and have a lot in common. I lived in Edinburg, VA (between Harrisonburg and Winchester) for eighteen years. Before that, I grew up in Stanardsville (near Charlottesville) and Staunton. Like you, my father was a minister (Methodist) and I am a retired teacher.

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