Strasbourg Streets

IMG_0261 (2)

Our Cruise Ship, Viking Alruna, stopped for a morning tour of Strasbourg, France. It was the hottest week of the summer in June 2019, with temperatures well into the 90s F.  As long as we stayed in the shady areas it was very pleasant. These are some of the street shots I took while we were sightseeing!

IMG_7418 (2)

IMG_7422 (2)

IMG_7438 (2)

IMG_0169 (2)

IMG_7436 (2)


IMG_7428 (2)


So little time

So much to see

On a hot summer day

Photos of Strasbourg, France: Dwight L. Roth

9 thoughts on “Strasbourg Streets

  1. Ah, my heart skipped a beat, remember the week I spent there years ago….a coffee at a sidewalk cafe, the quiet of my spirit silently in awe as I walked about the cathedral, the brick street beneath my feet and the carousel. I strolled the street at night, from a late bite to eat to the Hilton where I stayed.
    I met Ariel Sharon, there. He & entourage were staying there too. One fellow, who was similar to the secret service guarding him, was a scotsman. I had the wonderful pleasure to spend a bit of time with. How delightful he was with his quick wit and humor. It was spring and I was young… falling in love with it’s history, architecture and charm.

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