Waiting To Be Fed

DSC_0430 (2)

I am always amazed at how long parents keep feeding their young long after they seem to be grown. I have seen both House Finches and Cardinals feeding their immature babies that look grown.

Juvenile House Finch

Still begs parent to feed him

Plenty within reach


Just like some of ours who sit…

waiting // the check’s in the mail

DSC_0434 (2)

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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41 thoughts on “Waiting To Be Fed

  1. Being the eldest child, I was kicked out of the nest early on, and my tiny wings worked fine. All three of my daughters at some point moved back in with us for a time. My wife and I actually enjoyed it.

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  2. It was such a shame that we couldn’t see or hear you on the Google Meet, Dwight. Your haibun made me smile. I left home at sixteen, while my sister stayed longer. My parents helped her through university and I did it myself. I would love to treat my daughter, son-in-law and grandson for a meal at our house. Hopefully, they will be able to visit in August.


    • Thank you Kim for your kind words!. This was the first i tried this kind of connection. First it made me download a new version of MS Edge, then it wanted a password which it would not take. Till I got a new one it was over. I was very glad to see some of you on the screen. It adds a whole new perspective to the group. Hopefully, next time I will be able to connect completely.
      I am with, it would be nice to have our family waiting at the table to be fed. Hopefully this will pass soon.

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  3. It’s funny, having been the well fed youngster for so long, realising how much I’ve missed home these past few months of being in lockdown away from my family, having the same sort of parents’ love as those birds show. Thank you for the moving poem

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  4. I see you have a lovely view of the birds there. I am envious because I want the birds up close.

    We all know some of our older kids need that money from the gov’t..ha..ha.. Its all good that the economy is getting back to normal. Have a good summer break.

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    • Thank you Grace! Yes, some take longer to leave the nest than others. I put my bird feeder about three feet from my window. then I use the telephoto lens bring them up close and personal! They are so much fun to watch! Take care… stay safe!


    Das árvores caídas
    Em Tempos de Guerras
    Faltavam: Comidas
    Água, vidas.
    Tinham: Inimigos
    Fogo amigo e balas perdidas
    Prisão arbitrária.

    Que o povo era dizimado
    Em nome da raça
    Raça pura, através da eugenia
    Do Nazismo e do racismo.

    Dos corpos cremados
    Nos campos, nos cemitérios
    E nas câmaras de gás.

    Dos homens notáveis
    Dos homens simples
    Torturados, condenados, fuzilados e exilados
    Desertores: Nas frentes de batalhas.

    Que as fardas, as rosas
    Insígnias militares e religiosas
    Já foram símbolos das guerras.

    Das guerras passadas
    Como um vácuo de tristeza
    No meu coração
    Assim, como as guerras atuais
    Campos de refugiados
    Crianças órfãs, povo!
    Povo sem esperanças
    Sem fronteiras.

    Das florestas destruídas
    Das almas perdidas nas trincheiras
    Sem ramos nas vidas
    Raízes arrancadas
    Em nome das guerras
    Anulando as famílias.

    O povo desejava a paz
    Deseja agora
    Mas, as nações
    Sempre dizem:
    _ Agora não
    São Tempos de Guerras.

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      • WAR TIMES.
        I remember
        From the fallen trees
        In Times of Wars
        Missing: Food
        Water, lives.
        They had: Enemies
        Friendly fire and stray bullets
        Arbitrary arrest.

        I remember
        That the people were wiped out
        In the name of the race
        Pure race, through eugenics
        Nazism and racism.

        I remember
        Cremated bodies
        In the fields, in cemeteries
        And in the gas chambers.

        I remember
        Of the notable men
        Simple men
        Tortured, condemned, shot and exiled
        Deserters: On the fronts of battles.

        I remember
        That uniforms, roses
        Military and religious insignia
        They were once symbols of wars.

        I remember
        From past wars
        Like a vacuum of sadness
        In my heart
        So, like the current wars
        Refugee camps
        Orphaned children, people!
        People without hope

        I remember
        From destroyed forests
        Of souls lost in the trenches
        Roaming around…
        No branches in lives
        Rooted roots
        In the name of wars
        Canceling families.

        I remember
        The people wanted peace
        Want it now
        But, nations

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      • Thank you Czar for the translation! A very hearwrenching poem! One of my bloggers described society this way: dynamic waves of insanity. You describe that very well here! Thank you for responding!


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