People of Amsterdam

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Last summer we celebrated our 50th anniversary with a Rhine River Cruise. We started in Amsterdam and traveled up river to Basel. When we arrived in Amsterdam we had a half day to do as we pleased, so we went on a canal ride through the heart of Amsterdam. Below are some of the people we saw along the way.


EER_0061 (3)



EER_0150 (3)



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Wherever we go

People are much the same as

You and me

Photos take in Amsterdam: Dwight L. Roth

33 thoughts on “People of Amsterdam

  1. Happy 51st anniversary, Dwight! Amsterdam is an interesting place. We were there and were amazed of the number of bikes. The people were so fit. I guess because they ride bicycles. I was so naive about their open access of drugs because it’s legal there.

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  2. I really enjoyed this post, I love people watching when I go somewhere! I also loved seeing people in suits on boats when I visited Amsterdam, like it’s just an after work activity…boat and a beer, sorted!

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