My Most Shining Moment

Mom and Dwight on her 93rd 001 (3)

In June of 2007, my two sons and I drove from North Carolina and Virginia to visit my mom in Eastern Pennsylvania. She was celebrating her 93rd, and last birthday. She passed away in August of that year. It was a wonderful visit. She was so happy to see her grandsons, and the love was felt all around. Though our visit was short, it was a very meaningful time for all of us.

My mother’s love shared

 Summer’s most  shining moment ,,,

August she was gone


Photo: Chris Roth

IMG_3022 (2)

Photo: Don Ziegler

Lillian at d’Verse, asked us to think about our most shining moment. She referred to the end of March Madness when they shoe clips of the most shinning moments of the tournament! Our assignment was to write a Haibun of prose, followed by a traditional Haiku, describing our most shining moment. There are several that I could have chosen, such as our wedding, births of our boys, our 50th, etc. , but I decided to choose my last visit with my mother.

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62 thoughts on “My Most Shining Moment

  1. So very glad you shared this. Handsome and happy boys…love just shining through in both these photos. Your mother is beautiful and she radiates gentleness and kindness. I am certain this will always remain a shining moment for you….so special to share this last visit with her. The haiku is indeed a traditional one….with the punctuation providing the break….and it amplifies the prose so well.

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  2. How great you had that last visit. So many are left with just good intentions. You and your sons are some of the lucky ones. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thank you for sharing, Dwight. You were very fortunate to have this lovely memory.
    As Jane says–it’s not so pleasant sitting at a hospital bed. And with the recent restrictions, we couldn’t be with my mom for weeks or with her when she died.

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  4. Thanks for supporting your haibun with photos. Luv your mother’s conted smile and gentle eyes. A beautiful memoir for your family. My Mom was 90 in May. We her children and grand children, held a zoom birthday party for her😊

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


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