Helix of History

Some think history a straight line

I see history as a double helix;

A complicated thread of human DNA

constantly flowing forward.

Cultures unique coming together

in times of intersection and peace;

Sometimes clashing

Sometimes working together

and … sometimes mutating

into the caustic and cancerous

intersections of war.

Reconnecting // then each going their way…

The tread of life’s DNA

continually reproducing

the next generation

for another intersection

of war or peace


Picture from Bing Clip Art getwallpapers.com

15 thoughts on “Helix of History

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  2. This is a FANTASTIC poem, thank you! Your metaphor is so central to the theme of our blog which focuses on the place of history in politics today. It’s so surprising and mortifying how different societies across history meet such similar circumstances. For readers and keen beans on this topic, we are always looking for new contributors to our blog. We also have some great and current articles uploaded already. Many thanks!

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    • Thank you very much for your kind affirmation. It is so interesting that through the centuries we as a human race never seem to learn from the devastations of war and aggression that have gone before.
      You are welcome to reblog this to your site if you like!


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