Truth or Fools Gold?

IMG_0617 (2)
Finding truth in today’s world
is like panning for gold.
We gather our pan full of sand
our minds swirling around;
Washing out the stones and gravel
sifting through bits of silt.
Hoping to find a glint of truth
in the bottom of it all.
Sometimes // we find a speck
here and there;
Other times, all we end up with
is fools gold!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth



22 thoughts on “Truth or Fools Gold?

      • My dad ended up in a nursing home and of course I would always be visiting…. he had a gorgeous sense of humour…. I worked with him as a plumber for decades…..and he loved to hear my story about how my plumber jobs were going…. then one day he said to me, “Do you know Ivor, if you stick at it, you’ll make a good plumber one day”(absolutely priceless, I was then 63yrs-old)…… with a big smile on his face…. So I suppose it’s a bit like my poetry…. “If I stick at it, I’ll make a good poet one day” 😀😄😊

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