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The rain downpour brings with it gully-washers, soon filling banks and overflowing everything in its path. But, no one sits beside a gully-washer. Most prefer a beautiful slow flowing stream. This is the story of our lives. Happiness comes and goes, while joy is that continual flow that makes life worthwhile.
Happiness rises
Sudden burst of energy
Joy bubbles along

Today at d’Verse Sarah asked us to write a poem about the rain. Seems it rained every day last week. This week the sun is out and my garden is thankful!

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45 thoughts on “Downpour

  1. A gully-washer – great word!

    This is a great reflection on the difference between happiness and joy. A bit of excitement is great, but you need that constant, gentle flow going through your life. And if that’s your garden, it’s beautiful. I’d love to see it when the stream is a little calmer.

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  2. Twice in Florida living I got caught in the rain. One time I was saved by a kindly umbrella given…no not from being drenched, just having to wait it out. And the last time a sleepless night before evaluation of my skills followed by rained upon… Only to have the bus arrive full a/c literally after the last drop.

    Both times I had fleeting thoughts that sure pesky getting soaked.. but isn’t it odd that a modern tragedy of rain is a blessing in island mode? It’s not always the worst thing.

    Soothing poem.

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  3. ‘Gully-washer’ is a phrase I want to use at every possible opportunity, Dwight! I love the sound of it, and the final line of your haiku, ‘Joy bubbles along’ has made me happy this morning.

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