Passing on the Love

Anna and Emma jane Quilting (2)

One of the greatest things that happens is when skills of the older generation are passed on to the younger one. Some skills like quilting are almost a lost art. Sharing this experience strengthens the bond of love in a very special way.  This time together will not soon be forgotten.

Stitch by loving stitch

Skills passed on to granddaughter

Sharing Grandma’s Love

Anna and Emma Jane Completed Quilt (2)

Photos used by permission: Anna Roth

8 thoughts on “Passing on the Love

  1. Special bonds build special memories. You are right about passing skills from one generation to the next being special–in many ways. They are especially endearing when they include the extended generations. They look alike, have the same stance and the same curve to their backs. That will be a special photo over time.

    This is often a lost art in today’s time. I believe the coronavirus might help us bring some of it back. It is my hope that it does. Blessings!

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