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I hear of people who go off by themselves for days at a time to look inward and outward experiencing self-awareness and spiritual renewal! I never understood that at all. For me life is full of interaction and connection that stimulates my mind and soul. Some may think I am shallow as a result, but for me introspection comes through connection.
Climbing down into the darkness of being alone;
Feeling lost and disconnected with others all around.
It’s like making my way through mind mazes with no exit…
Finding more than I bargained for in this cavern of the soul.
No // I must stay connected to thrive feeding off others.
I never found myself a good enough friend to myself
to make me want to become a recluse.
Short stints of contemplation are fine;
An evening of writing poetry stimulates my mind;
But // I would never ever want to be alone
over any lengthy period of time

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Bjorn at d’Verse asked us to think about how we handle solitude. Many folks have had to deal with being disconnected and alone during this time of pandemic! There is a sense of loss that come with that, but it is a time that can be used for creative purposes as well.

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35 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. Yes, some people find strength in solitude. I know there is a place and time for it. But my preference also is being with supportive, loving family and friends. People who need people … I relate to that Barbra Streisand song.

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  2. I appreciate hearing your perspective on solitude. I think there are differences to solitude when it’s voluntarily vs. involuntarily put in place. The hermit knows they can walk out of the cave at any time, but a person in solitary confinement is another matter. What I’m gathering from what you’re saying, it sounds like it’s been especially tough for you, Dwight, as you are a socially oriented person who isn’t inclined towards much alone time.

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  3. You certainly made your case. I am lucky to like myself enough, I do enjoy my own company. But twice in my life, for 7 years each, I’ve lived alone, and when loneliness hits, it kicks like a mule.

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  4. I like both, but some solitude is absolutely necessary for me. I am not really minding the Shelter in Place that much, but to be fair, circumstances have brought about a number of forced social situations.. just safely at a distance with masks!

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  5. I love your thoughts on this. I think I want to be alone, until I am told I have to be, or until I become bored with myself, which doesn’t usually take too long. I think we (I) romanticize it all and then find I am a very bad date! “Man was not meant to be alone”

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  6. I have always spent a lot of time alone (except when my children were young). But as some have pointed out there’s a different texture to solitude you choose and that which is chosen for you. (K)

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  7. kaykuala

    Introspection comes through connection.

    Very apt, Dwight! One makes the most of it by looking for openings and working on them. Those who lament and whine when things are in front of their eyes will continue to do so, irrespective!


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  8. Sorry to be so late commenting, Dwight, somehow I missed your poem when I was reading and commenting yesterday. I’m glad I came back to check for more. Although I’m used to spending time on my own now, my life wasn’t always like that, so I appreciate the sentiment in your poem. The first line takes me with it, ‘down into the darkness of being alone’ and it comes back to me, I wasn’t a good enough friend to myself.. The simile, ‘like making my way through mind mazes with no exit’ is powerful, and I remember finding ‘more than I bargained for in this cavern of the soul’, when my thoughts were too much and I needed other people’s triumphs and tragedies to take my mind off my own.

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    • Thank you Kim. Don’t let it worry you. I always appreciate your thoughtful kind comments. I wrote this one from a perspective that is different from a lot of people. My sister is still trying to correct my view!! LOL. She is totally the opposite! But, I am happy and enjoying life as best I can, so what more do I need to find!

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  9. That is a very, very insightful poem, Dwight. I remember the varied discussions I had in my institutional church days about the creative tension between prayer and action. Did monasteries and convents housing meditative folks in isolation serve a purpose by praying for the world or were the active in the world religious orders more relevant? The Martha and Mary story. Of course, both are relevant. I prefer a combination of both.

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    • Thank you Len… My poem today is a sequel to this one… or is that the one you are writing about? Thank you for your insightful thoughts on this one. It is sometimes hard to know what is best, but like you I think we need both!


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