Silly is as Silly does…

IMG_2110 (2)

Silly is as silly does // riding a horse that has no fuzz
Sunglasses all askew // he knew he was Mr. Cool
A three year old’s imagination // carries on through generations
Laughing hilariously at silly stuff // seems we never get enough
Full of grit he rides his steed /// if you’re in his path better take heed
Although it was so long ago // seems like only yesterday you know
Silly is as silly does // these photos fill our hearts with love

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lillian asked us to be lighthearted and Silly. This is my son from many years ago.   You can join us at:   Smile!!

One of the things I am doing during this time in seclusion is to go through our old albums and copy the best of them photos with my iPhone. It makes very sharp copies which I then load into my laptop for editing. We probably all have photos in acetate that faded and lost their original color. I found if you use the editing tools in your computer you can turn them into nice sharp black and white photos.  This is much better than tossing them!


It just dawned on me that this was supposed to be Quadrille Monday. (only 44 words) My apologies to Lillian for doing a double Quadrille. I got carried away with the prompt and forgot what I was doing!!  Must be getting old! I turned another year older today!!


51 thoughts on “Silly is as Silly does…

  1. We have a rocking giraffe in our grandparent’s toy stash, and all 9 grandchildren have ridden it on safari. Your piece has just the right pinch olf silliness .


  2. LOVE your post and such a great thing to be doing during these stay at home times. I’ve actually been going throught my 1000+ poems on my blog (hard to believe there at that many!) and putting some into little books with photos – using Snapfish. Very fun to do! 🙂

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    • Thank you Lillian! He was such a cute little boy! I am so glad you enjoyed it! You can load your poems on a word file and transfer a pdf copy to a flash stick. Then take them to Office max/depot and they will print and bid them with a spiral binding. I have done several poetry books that way!


    • Black and white and color albums will go by the wayside when we are gone. I am collecting the best to put in digital format that might stay around a little longer. Thanks for your comment!


  3. I adore the attitude of a 3 year-old in your poem. The photo is priceless! Thank you for the tip on photo editing the celluloid. Looking through old photos takes me to another world, almost like a dream.

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