Poetry in Song

Some of my very favorite poetry is found in the songs people write. Songs tell stories of love and rejection. Some write about objects like trains or jet planes. Simon and Garfunkle wrote about the city of New York in Sound of Silence. On of my favorites is a song by Steve Goodman about a train they called the City of New Orleans.  The mix of  images and metaphors is wonderful, down to earth, and unforgettable. The music is just the icing on the cake!
Poems, and Prayers, and Promises blend with melodies and harmonies transporting us to other places and times with unforgettable lyrics. They share life as it really is as they connect to more than one part of the brain. Some of the greatest poets of our time are singer songwriters. Their songs can take us to locations and situations we have not visited in fifty years. Although many over the years considered country music repetitive and uncouth,  Merle Haggard was considered the Poet of the Common Man.  Perhaps the critics should take a second look… or listen and enjoy this train ride with Steve Goodman on the City of New Orleans. This is Americana and poetry at its best!

Poems and melody

Connecting words with the heart

Spring poetry sings


Song clip from You Tube

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34 thoughts on “Poetry in Song

  1. Americana is American poetry set to music, don’t you think? I knew a NASCAR sportswriter who was downsized at his newspaper and went on to write novels and play Americana in bars. Just what did he lose?

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  2. “Blow me a kiss from across the room; tell me I’m sweet when I’m not. Touch my hair as you pass my chair … little things mean a lot!” Yes, I love poetry in song! Have a blessed May Day. ❤️🌷💐❤️

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  3. I so agree about the songwriter poets who come to us with music. I love “The City of New Orleans”. One of my favorites is Garth Brooks’ “The River” … “I will sail my vessel til the river runs dry, I’ll never reach my destination if I never try”. The words to Tim McGraw’s “Always be humble and kind” touch my heart.
    Yep, I surely do agree with you!

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