Travel With Me up the Rhine

“Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.”  Albert Camus
EER_0741 (3)
Our first trip abroad riding up the Rhine River
Fifty years together required something special
Amsterdam to Basel in eight days
A Viking River Cruise
An afternoon of delightful cruising
Riding on the canopied top deck
Staying out of the sun on a very hot day

EER_0729 (3)

Floating by vineyards
planted up and down the hills
Past magnificent old castles and churches
perched high up on the bluffs

EER_0725 (3)

Quaint little towns along the river bank
with names I could not pronounce
People on Sunday outings swimming
in the cool water along with
cattle standing up to their knees

Cows along the river 2

What an amazing ride it was
No thought of social distancing required
So glad it was last summer instead of this one.


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Lillian suggested that since we were not able to go traveling because of the Covid-19 pandemic, that we write a poem that takes every one along with us on a trip we have taken in the past. Last year we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary with River Cruise up the Rhine. It was wonderful. Here is just a tiny bit of what we experienced.

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37 thoughts on “Travel With Me up the Rhine

  1. Ah, lovely. My parents have done that cruise – they loved it. I guess when those castles and towns were built the river was the main thoroughfare, but now it’s a quiet place. That slowed down pace is great for seeing things. Thanks for taking us with you.

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  2. This was a wonderful journey with you, Dwight. We have always done the big ship cruising and have always thought about river cruising. You’ve certainly whet my appetite for it….to see all these sites while slowly floating by. Beautiful!

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    • We shy away from the big ships with multitudes of people. The river cruise was perfect. 180 passengers. We toured in the morning and stayed on the ship in the heat of the afternoon. Stopped at Kinderjik to see the windmills, Cologne Cathedral, Koblantz, Fortress, Salsbourg, Cathedral, the Medieval Village of Colmar, the Black Forest.

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  3. Most beautiful pictures of river Rhine only one among then(with cattels)seems like India’s cattle at any edge of rivers with shadow of trees.wonderful post and amazing efforts to be close your friends.good🌷


  4. Your poem took me back to my previous life in Germany, where I lived for almost eight years. I moved to Ireland forty years ago and then back to England. I love the Rhineland and the Rhine itself, but I’ve never been on a cruise. Amsterdam to Basel is a fantastic trip.

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