Found Poetry

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Today we were asked to write poetry from our book shelf. Bjorn, at d’Verse, called it found poetry. The challenge is to arrange and make a poem using book titles from our shelf, without changing any titles. I thought these were a very fitting group for the times we are experiencing. See what you think?

Found Poetry


Money, Sex, and Power

The Brilliant Idiot

Dialogue with death


The pilgrim’s progress

The Shack

The light on the hill

What’s so amazing about grace

Streams of living water

Sit, Walk, Stand…


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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73 thoughts on “Found Poetry

  1. Thank you for this. I really liked the contrast between the first stanza “Brilliant idiot” of material and the spiritual counterpart, pilgrim hermit I imagined in his shack, living happy understanding the simple joys of life, to live it, not to fight it. Seemed to me very relevant too, are we here to accumulate money, power and pleasure, or are we still seeking what will make us whole?

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  2. Love this. It really sums up my view of things from my side of the border. There is always one brilliant idiot, but they should never be given so much power. The titles worked so well for contrast.

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