Saturday’s Silence


My sister shared this with me today.  The sun is bright, the air fresh. We are alive and well, grateful to be safe at home. I share this photo and words from the Corrymeela Community in Belfast:
God of grieving,
God of silence,
there is a strange gift in having time,
one whole day this holy week,
to sit with questions of why
and how long
and to hear no response at all.
To rush from Friday to Sunday,
from death to resurrection,
wouldn’t do either justice.
Nor would it dignify the life
of those whose daily pain and grief
and constant pleas for justice
go unanswered in the world’s daily rhythm.
Let your silence fill this silence,
until our empty noise dies out.

Corrymeela Community is a non-profit organization in Northern Ireland dedicated to help bring healing to those who were traumatized by the many years of conflict and violence  that occurred there between Catholic and Protestant factions.   

13 thoughts on “Saturday’s Silence

  1. This was great! I watched The Passion movie by Mel Gibson yesterday (Friday). I had not watched it for several years because it’s so hard to watch. I really felt “the silence” today and when I read this post, I could feel every word.

    Hope you and your family are well! Happy Easter! Take care and be safe.


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    • Hi Connie! I am so glad it connected with you. This seems like a great organization to help people who have experienced trauma in their lives. We are doing fine and not too bothered by staying in all the time. I find lots of things to keep me busy. Silence before the light dawns in the morning… seems very appropriate. Thank you! Have a blessed Easter!


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