How quickly our perspective changes;
Like fighting children on the playground
arguing over insolent remarks;
Now lined up before the school master
waiting to be disciplined;
Wondering if // and when…
How hard // or how little?
Who even remembers
what the fuss was about?
When we are facing the chalk board
with our life written on it
our past…
our present…
our future…
For now the plague has come.
We all are Egyptians
with no blood on our doorposts;
Waiting to see
if the death angel
will pass us by…
And when this dark night is past
we have a Red Sea to cross.
The promised land awaits

Photo: Dwight L. Roth
At d’Verse, Bjorn asked us to face our present reality of quarantine along with our reflection of past epidemics and the Black Plague of years gone by. Today we are writing a poem using the prompt plague!
Join us at:

41 thoughts on “Plague

  1. The current COVID-19 helps us to focus on what is important to us. Unfortunately, I don’t see a Moses leading us to the promised land. We will go back to worshipping false idols as soon as this is over. Insightful poem Dwight…..what was all the fuss before COVID-19…perspective indeed.

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  2. I will admit to you….I’ve put off reading the posts to this prompt because I do not want to ignite the fear that I keep trying to bury. I’ve taken up meditation again….and it centers me for the day. I am so glad I waited to read your post so I could see the ending (you evidently added it?) that evokes a positive and hope on the other side of this thing. I look forward to seeing unmasked smiles on the streets…a new sense of humanity.

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    • Yes, I kind of went to the dark side on this one, but as soon as I posted it, and reread the prompt, I knew I had to move beyond the fear to a point of hope! Thank you for reading it!.


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