The Close of the Day


Rain pours down at the close of the day
Thunder rolls
The storm blows through
Earth is refreshed
Lilacs are blooming…
So close I can smell their fragrance
floating through my screen door.
I drink in Spring’s goodness
at the close of the day.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Quadrille Monday at d’Verse and De Jackson asked us to use the word close or a form of it in our poem of exactly 44 words.

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43 thoughts on “The Close of the Day

  1. I love lilacs. We have streets where every yard has large lilac trees here in Ennis. The deer have trimmed the bottoms of them giving them a mushroom shape. The fragrance driving down those streets is almost overpowering. But, not yet. We still have snow on the ground. Gotta wait a coupe months. Thanks for the preview, Dwight.

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  2. Just beautiful! For me, there is absolutely nothing as refreshing as a summer or spring storm. AND the beautiful wisk me away scent of lilacs. And you’ve reminded me, sadly, my guess is we will be unable to go to the Harvard Arboretum this May to see and inhale their wonderful lilac lane. How sad. It would require a ride on the T (nope, not doing that). I shall have to read your poem again to experience it!

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