Call to Prayer

IMG_9581 (2)
Why do we wait till crisis comes
When fear sets in and the body grows numb
To raise our hearts and voice in prayer
Calling to God // now made aware
And why do we think our begging and pleading
Will now be heard by Almighty God’s heeding
As folks are dying and we are reeling
Our invincible life precariously careening
Prayer is not the magic wand // making all serene
Nor the serpent on the pole to look upon for healing
God is not simply at your beck and call
Now that you have need and life’s about to fall
Crisis makes all aware that God has always been there
From everlasting to everlasting // though we never gave a care
Prayer does not bring OUR answers in time of despair
But rather strength and endurance to face all that’s there
So weep not for the grateful dead now no longer in pain
Rather weep for the soul who’s life has not yet waned
And for healthcare workers in the midst of crashing towers
Who find strength to help others in their final hours

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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49 thoughts on “Call to Prayer

  1. So so so poignant – and so true! God hears; He gives us strength to face the challenges. And God’s answers always are in His will. Oh, how I pray His will is to spare us from this deadly virus!

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  2. I love the painting it is beautiful and it depicts the frailty and crooked nature of man which can only be straightened if we look up to God the immortal one who is our help in time of need the Bible says Isaiah 53:6 KJV
    All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.
    He is Definitely the only one I mean the infinite God who can help us of our infirmity if we can submit ourselves to him
    Submit yourself now to God resist the devil and he will flee.
    This is beyond a Clarion call to all nations of the world for them to seek Jehovah, the lord who is God the one that founded the earth upon the waters and gave life to human race.
    It is a call to repentance for all people tribe and nations of the world
    No one is too big or great as to evade the wrath of the most high the only way out is to go back to him in repentance
    We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
    God is not wicked or cruel He just want his people which are called by his name back

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  3. The painting is beautiful it illustrate the frailty of man and crooked ways of man and that only God the almighty God has the power to straighten the ways of man if only man would go back to God and cry for help

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  4. This poem has such depth, Dwight. I especially related to these two lines: “Prayer does not bring OUR answers in time of despair/But rather strength and endurance to face all that’s there.” Thank God for His gift of tenacity to us. Hang in there! (Oh, and btw, I tried to find your FB page. Put in Dwight Roth and then Dwight W. Roth; didn’t find it under either title. Help!)


  5. I just found you responding to an article about Providence Spring in Anderson Prison. Love your posts here! My interest in this topic was sparked by reading “100 Bible Verses that Made America” by Robert J. Morgan who states the spring came forth miraculously after several days of prayer. I highly recommend this book!

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