Write Your Memoirs Now…

Memoriors photo

Now is the time to write your memoirs, a story a day for thirty days. Once you start it all comes back to you. Send it to friends and family for additions, corrections, and edits. By the end of the month you will have a completed autobiography. Load it from Word on to a pdf. And take it on a flash drive to Office Max/Depot/Staples and have them print it half size and put on a plastic cover and spiral binding. You can get a better price if you order twenty or more. Make your cover page separately. You can add photos, but keep them black and white. Color photos increase the price significantly.
You can load your book on to amazon.com kindle for free. Have fun… Make good use of your time.

Tell your story
Let it roll from your mind like an avalanche
Mighty and intense
Driven by unstoppable forces
Knowing that if not you
No one
Will ever know the depth of joy and pain
It will be lost


Dwight L. Roth


22 thoughts on “Write Your Memoirs Now…

  1. thanks for encouraging people to write their memoirs. Last year I wrote my book called The Driveway Rules. It was published in January of this year. What I did was write 66 separate entries in no particular order, as they came to me and then I categorized them and put them in order when I was done. Very rewarding experience and I loved the process. Just wanted to introduce myself as I am coming back to blogging. I share memoirs from my book. Their is a focus on my struggle with relationships, being autistic and also things I have learned in sobriety.

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