Cobwebs of the Blue Ridge

cobwebs of the Blue Ridge
Giant spiders of steel haunt the Blue Ridge
And many mountains across the country
Spinning their endless webs of twisted wire.
Across peaks and valleys, they stretch endlessly
Glistening in the sunshine like silver threads
Shimmering with dew drops when it rains
Full of power // deadly currents of life
Some with twenty-five thousand volts.
From dams to cities across the way
These giant colossus spread their webs
Bringing energy and light to the darkest night
Mountain Spiders’ webs already spun…
Woven across the scars of the landscape
Over rocks and hills with a never-ending hum.
Without them life as we know it would cease!

This poem was accepted in the North Carolina Bards Charlotte Anthology of Poetry.  It will come out in May.

Photo: Dwight l. Roth

I am posting this one tonight on d’Verse Poets Pub open link.

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27 thoughts on “Cobwebs of the Blue Ridge

  1. What an apt description of the power lines. You’re right, without the power of those webs, life as we know it would be very different. Congratulations on your upcoming publishing in May, Dwight!

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  2. Congratulations, Dwight, on the coming publication of your poem! I like the way the ‘Giant spiders of steel’ throw their shadow from beginning to end, starting with a grand entrance and ‘Spinning their endless webs of twisted wire’. They are beautiful, in their shimmering and glistening’ and deadly, but necessary.

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  3. Excellent piece. I have never bumped into such creative musings about power lines. It made me think that at night the towers flex and squat like something out of a Japanese Anime.

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