powers of 10

The coronovirus outbreak may seem small in the US at the moment, but for an untreatable virus on the loose it is important to understand the exponential component of it all. I am not a math person by any means, but the chart above shows how ten persons who have the virus could spread it to a hundred, which would spread to a thousand, etc. By the time it is shared six times it is already up to a millon; Therefore, it is important to take it all seriously and realize it will multiply exponentially as we saw happen in China. Be safe and protect yourself. Take precautions, and this too will pass.

Exponential growth
All must take precautions now
Birds are still singing

Chart from Bing Images

10 thoughts on “Exponential

  1. You are right! It is critical that each of us does our part. If we do not, we face perils unlike anything we have ever faced. My mother was born in 1918. She was too young to remember the Spanish Flu (H1N1) pandemic — because they had not ever seen it before and had no way to treat it — so the quarantines began. She did not remember, but she talked often of her parents and other relatives who went through it. It was beyond anything we today can possibly imagine. Have a Blessed Week!

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  2. Yes, it is an “untreatable virus on the loose,” and we DO NOT have a handle on it!! We not only have to be precautions and protect ourselves, but we need to protect others as well. Masks on those who do not have it and do not have any symptoms have been shown to help. It’s the ones WITH symptoms who need the masks to protect the rest of us. Yes, precautions… our new “buzzwords” … social distancing. Impossible in some venues (like airports). Deadlines needed for testing capacities … and extreme sacrifices and challenges needed for us all. Yes, “This too will pass,” but unfortunately, not quickly. God help us!! We need clarity.

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  3. Thanks for the wake-up call with the chart. I’d rather be too careful than too cavalier about it. Too careful won’t hurt where too cavalier could have devastating effects, especially for anyone in a vulnerable state of health. Plus, just think of all of the individuals who are uninsured or under-insured. They will be flooding emergency rooms, which will be really terrible.

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