Unwelcome Changes

NCAA canceled

 “Life happens when we have other plans.”   ~Towes

This seems to be the case with the spread of the coronavirus across the globe. Life is in a state of unwelcome change for many. We like our life of schedules, work, and recreation. But when we get to the point of closures, cancellations, and quarantine, we begin to feel the pinch so to speak. Today at d’Verse, Bjorn asked to use lists as our basis for a poem. This subject seemed to be well suited for the prompt.

First it is China
Then Japan along with
Italy and Korea.
It’s affected
all of Europe
Now it’s knocking
on our door.
Some in panic
many in denial
others will just
stay home for awhile.

Games are canceled;
along with movies and plays.
Schools and colleges closed
NBA and NCAA too.

A lesson for all of us…
Life // unlike climate change
can be drastically altered
in a very short time.

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32 thoughts on “Unwelcome Changes

  1. A virus called Wuhan-400 makes people terribly ill … in a Dean Koontz thriller from 1981. How is it that some books appear to prophesy events?
    The Eyes of Darkness features a Chinese military lab in Wuhan that creates a virus as a bioweapon; civilians soon become sick after accidentally contracting it
    In fact, the one lab in China able to handle the deadliest viruses is in Wuhan and helped sequence the novel coronavirus the world is currently battling.

    Dean Koontz – The Eyes of Darkness

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  2. Life indeed is altered by the virus. I tend to take the virus somewhat stoic, like a new twig on the tree of flu. I do understand the danger being it unknown to the human body, so no resistance is built up yet. When a vaccine will be developed, it will be one of the many variants of flu and the danger is not bigger than that. But still, in my country life is coming to a halt more or less. It’ll damage economics severely. Not to mention the unfortunate for whom the vaccine will come to late. It shows that imagining mankind as being in control is tricky or plain wrong.

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    • I am with you on the stoic end. But I also realize it is a major issue for the world at this point. Just when we think we have everything in control, we realize we really don’t ! Thank you for your thoughtful response.

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  3. Great poem, Dwight, capturing the essence of what is going on in the world with this virus. Here in Britain, they are telling us to expect the worst, and have gone from containment phase to slowing it down. No mass shut downs here yet. But estimates here 5,000 to 10,000 already infected. It’s like being in a movie the way this lot has been unfolding … or a novel! Keep well.

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  4. The real virus is the fear about the virus in my view. It didn’t take long for humanity to revert. I love your list and certainly agree, the world has responded to this far quicker than it is taking the issue of global warming.

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  5. While the virus threat is very real, it seems common sense has flown out the window. Case in point — could someone please tell me what toilet paper has to do with combatting the spread of the virus?

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