Consequences of Choice


Today at d’Verse, Amaya asked us to take our poetry to taboo places, writing about subjects such as sex politics, religion. I decided to incorporate all three in my poem choice. Thousands of babies are aborted in this country and around the world every year. Some have convinced themselves that it is a woman’s right over her own body to abort the life within her. Yet those same individuals decry the destruction of turtle or eagle nests. Both have become political agendas, and it is now the law that a woman can choose to have or not have her baby growing inside her. I am not sure how we can justify this choice.

How incensed our cries
When turtle eggs are destroyed…
Inflicting strict fines;
Yet, the government pays for
destruction of the unborn…
Convenience changes
our values of life and death.
Some call it Pro Choice;
“It’s a woman’s right to choose.”
Seems more like a holocaust …

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Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019, Killing 42 Million People

25 thoughts on “Consequences of Choice

  1. Good observation about the hypocrisy involved with tolerating abortion, but not tolerating the destruction of sea turtle eggs. Although I can’t remember where anymore, I heard someone say that abortion is like sacrificing one’s child to an idol to guarantee one’s own prosperity.

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  2. Ah, what a parallel, Dwight! How the unborn of one species is precious and guarded while those of our own have warriors diminutive by degree. Haters, if you will. There is a popular belief right now that the soul chooses to inhabit the fetus usually only right before birth. This cushions the choice for many women, but what is truly another taboo is the psychological devastation that comes with that choice. Perhaps that popular belief needs to be reevaluated.

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    • Thank you Amaya for your thoughtful comment! Yes, it is a real paradox at times the way we rationalize the end justifying the means, without really realizing what happens inside the psyche!


  3. The discussion on the post is interesting. Priorities and value systems change as per culture, beliefs and local circumstances.

    I’ve had domestic helpers approach me for getting connected to a gynaec, as their poverty could not bear the burden of another unwanted pregnancy.Another mouth to feed and medical/educational care for yet another is a problem with no state support. In the upper echelons, surrogacy is becoming a trend. There are some who want to adopt a 3-year old, to escape the hassles of infant care.

    Is there an end somewhere?


  4. In a world with a greedy eye, everything is measured for its perceived worth. The reality is that there are too many humans for mother earth to support and too few sea turtles because of the human onslaught that is destroying our mother. I know that sounds so cruel and callous, because it is. I’m not sure humans are capable of turning things around with overpopulation without drastic measures like abortion. Now I’m going to blow your mind and say I’m against abortion because its murder and it will haunt those who commit it, for whatever reason they use to rationalize the act. Now to really complicate it, I believe that women 100% have the choice of what they do with their bodies. How am I able to hold all of these possibly contradictory views in my head? I don’t know, but I do. Thank you, Dwight, for pulling these things out of me for examination!

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    • Thank you Lisa for your very thoughtful and thought provoking comment. Population explosion is a major issue, probably as big as Climate Change! How we address it is something we have to examine. If not Nature will do it for us. With all the different strains of Viruses and Disease emerging we may not be able to keep up with it. That could be catastrophic for the populations. I can appreciate all your views on this. Thank you again for your comments.

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