Whether panic is needed seems to depend on those who seed it …

~Na’ama Yehuda

coronavirus photo

Who you gonna call
When there’s no number given?
All in a panic, listening to the news;
We, who are used to a very quick fix;
A pill to cure all our ills.
Fear causes quite a stir
When there’s no one to call.

This evening at d’Verse, De Jackson asked us to write a Quidrille of exactly 44 words using the word stir.  With the Coronavirus causing a major world wide stir, I thought I would write about our reaction to it.

Join us at:

Bing Photo: World Health Organization

92 thoughts on “Coronavirus

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  2. Well being VERY late to the reading (why is that happening to me so much lately????) this now rings too too true! ” Who ya gonna call?” Ghostbusters! Would that we could call in the virus busters and just spray or zap it all away! It’s a chaotic world we live in right now. Perhaps the silver lining is that many are now learning to lead a simplistic life, within our means, within our homes. Stay safe, my friend. Hurrah for dVerse, the only pub where we needn’t worry about social distancing!

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  3. We are in Lock-down because of the Coronavirus and the world really seems to have stopped still. But one good positive thing that I could do in this time is to begin blogging after years of just considering it. With so much time in hand, I could finally muster up the courage to begin. I have written a blog on the current pandemic affecting the entire world. You could check it out and leave a feedback.

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  4. “I have decided to write my reaction to it” [Yes! Quite a stir – From Ebola to Corona]

    13 June 1938 is my date of birth. My 8 year blog Viruses Dead End Here And Much More, do I fear COVID-19, naturally not at all – why? Find those who speak the truth, and the truth will sit you free from fear. The very, very latest, Dr. Scott Atlas gives you 1-5 bullet points of truth. If you view this video and you find it is not the truth, I await your comments at

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