Being Control

IMG_1944 (2)

O how we value being in control
Knowing we alone affect an outcome
Absolutely sure we’re unquestionably right
Even when we’re wrong
O how we value composure
Keeping that strained pained smile
Even in the face of the most obnoxious
Pretending actions do not offend
O how we value knowing
Never asking for help
Ignoring the urging to ask
Believing though lost // we still know
O how we value pretenses
Be it wealth, skills, or the perfect marriage
Never let our weakness show
Always well put together smiling
O how we value affirmation
Selfies on Facebook // time after time
Promoting our accomplishments
Never satisfied // always seeking more of being in control

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

4 thoughts on “Being Control

  1. Oh my… what a sad state of affairs to think that we value control, composure, blind knowing, pretenses,and affirmation… over the valuing of interdependence, genuineness, inquisitiveness, and unconditional genuine loving. What a shame! But, you’ve pointed it out so beautifully. Ah, I must search my soul! ❤

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