The Thrill of the Moment

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There are moments caught between heart-beats’ when one teeters between life and death, or so it seems! This is one of those moments. Reluctantly, Abby agreed to come along on this adventure.
The Rock Island Line ran straight through her uncle’s Texas Ranch. Below the ranch, the river was spanned by an arched steel trestle . The thrill was to hang out by the bridge until the train whistle blew in the distance, then crawl under where the train tracks met the hillside. By then, the train would be arriving at the bridge. Lying under the tracks they could feel the train rumbling above them.
This is the moment of truth. The three of them lay flat on their backs, as the train roared onto the trestle. They all screamed, but no one heard, as the ground shook and their racing hearts stood still.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Kim asked us to do a prosery, which is to write a prose flash fiction of only 144 words, and to include this line from a poem: ‘There are moments caught between heart-beats’. My idea for this story came from a childhood story David Holt, PBS musician and story teller shared in an interview. He said he and his brother used to lay under the bridge and feel the train going above.

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27 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Moment

  1. Oh yes, the thrill of teetering between life and death can be so exhilarating! I enjoyed your roaring train story, Dwight, which is about something I have never done, not even as a child, as we didn’t have roaring trains, only a small local one that barely even puffed!

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  2. This is so true, have been there! You again have tapped an experience so well, though not identical similar for me. You also bring out that carefree and fun loving nature of being young, something we “mature” ones need to stay in touch with .

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  3. Okay…..I cringed as I got into this….fearing the awful …. and then literally let out my breath at the end in relief. They are okay….just hearing the train’s roar going by. I don’t think I could have stood it if they had been caught up in the train in a horrific ending. Thank you for ending it positively.

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