Grant Park 2008 11/4/08


I saw America gathered on a cold November night
Black and white, yellow and red with all blends in between
I saw America gathered together as one people…
Children of integration, people of hope, “silver spoons,” and ghetto moms
I saw America gathered with joy in their hearts
College Students, blue collar workers, business men, and teachers
I saw America gathered “One Nation Under God”
People of all faiths, people of no faith, all with hope for the future
I saw America gathered a shining light to the world
Examples of hope, oneness, unity, and love, speaking with one voice
I saw America gathered watching History being made
Bringing down walls of race and fear that for too long held us back
I saw America gathered fulfilling ancestral dreams
Of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King
I saw America gathered to let the whole world know
Those differences can be transcended and peace can be attained.
I saw America gathered and it made me very proud
To be part of this great country where every voice is heard
I saw America gathered and I prayed, that God
Would give our new president wisdom in the difficult path ahead
I saw America gathered as Barack Obama spoke
With humility and pride, confidence and strength, wrapped in words of hope
I saw America gathered eager for national change
Not black or white, rich or poor, simply Americans
…and nothing more!

*Back in 2008. after the disastrous Bush years of the invasion of Iraq, I and many other Americans were drawn in by Obama’s message of Hope and Change. Although the “Hope and Change” did not turn out the way I had anticipated, watching the crowd who came out to see President elect Obama at Grant park that night, was a very moving experience. Immediately following the victory speech, I was inspired to write this.
Sadly the desire to work together was immediately crushed by Republicans, just the way it has now been with the Democarats with Trump. Division and polarization has brought great harm to the country. The vision I saw happening in Grant Park that election evening seems to have gone up in political smoke!

Tonight at d’Verse we were asked to write a poem that reflects Black History Month. The above is my naive dream that we could all come together to create the Hope and Change our country needed.

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33 thoughts on “Grant Park 2008 11/4/08

  1. wow that was one amazingly powerful event .. I lived in India and didn’t see it but the ecstatic excitement as the American expats related this event certainly mirrored your hopes!

    I pray that Americans and the world can realise the powerful message arising in your praise 🙂

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  2. Political animosity between Democrats en Republicans is from all times and that is fine. That’s where politics are made off. But now there seems to appear not only an political gap between parties but also a severe divide among the people themselves. And that is dangerous. Also, me as a European see with amazement and also concern how the US is moving away from its allies and the rest of the world, by almost careless (economical) punishments, threats and insults. That is in my opinion not good for the (balance in the) world and it won’t benifit the US either. So yes, I share your concern Dwight. But lets be optimistic and hope that things are going to change for the better.

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    • Thank you for your great response. Isolationism never seems to help much! It is important to work together inspite of differences, that doesn’t seem to happen. Politics is all down to “an eye for an eye” mentality.

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  3. The anger, hate, and nastiness of the current political climate scares me and saddens me greatly. I do remember the 2008 inauguration and how powerful sharing that moment was (where I worked everyone stopped work to gather in the warehouse and watch it all together).

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  4. What a wonderful write Dwight. I miss those days and I miss President Obama so much. It was like we were all living the American Dream and everything that people fought for and protested in the 60s had come to fruition. Then our dream became this nightmare we are now living in 😢

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  5. Your poem speaks to me of that hope, that belief in these cherished institutions to rectify and systemically change. Even in bleak times, I think it is still important to keep that hope alive and to keep on fighting. Your written word is so good to be read out loud. 🙂

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