Catching Snowflakes

EER_0019 (2)

We had a beautiful snow fall today with big flakes tumbling down. With 40 F temps it did not stick to the ground. It was great to see once again. I thought of this poem I had posted earlier. when the snow stayed around awhile.
Snowflake so perfect so unique
One of a kind ephemeral beauty
Dancing through the air, cold as ice.
I followed her as she floated in free fall
Admiring all those glittering points of light.
I reached out to touch her glistening face
Only to find her cheeks cold to the touch,
Her light being only reflected, not inborn.
Landing with all the others
She froze in place, frigid unmoving
Her individual glory lost in the masses.
Her cold cold frozen heart melted
In the early morning sunshine.
Sparkling once more she disappeared
Right before my eye


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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