Old Barn Memories

Farm - Barn shot from Granery 001
In the backroads of the barn the mice feed on the grain
Sparrows fly in and out cutting the sunlight with their wings
Pigeons coo and flutter high up on the rafters of the hay mow
Dust and chaff float like pixie dust as the breeze blows through
Outside the granary the four-wheeled scales waits
For the next burlap sack to be filled with wheat or oats
The round-bottom steel bushel shines bottom-up in the grain
And the chicken crate stands empty by the door


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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50 thoughts on “Old Barn Memories

  1. This realllly pulled at the heart strings for me. My grandpa had ponies when I was coming up and while he and the ponies are long gone, the barn is still there. When I go and visit my grandma I always like to poke around in the barn and remember helping my grandpa feed and care for those ponies that he loved so much 🙂 A wonderful poem. Really loved it! Thanks so much.

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  2. I love the easy, comfortable pace of this poem, Dwight, and the atmosphere in a barn where animals and humans exist together, although humans are only hinted at by the scales and the steel bushel. I like the phrase ‘In the backroads of the barn’ – the building instantly becomes a community – and the dust and chaff that floats ‘like pixie dust as the breeze blows through’. It reminded me of a scene from Steinbeck’s ‘of Mice and Men’. Congratulations on publishing the e-book!

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