The Last of the Berries

EER_0799 (2)

My pyracantha bushes were loaded with berries this summer. As winter came on, and food got scarce, the birds gradually began eating them. Today I was delighted to see three bluebirds on the bushes feeding on the last of the berries. I am thinking that they might be migrating north already.  We are expecting warm weather this week in the high 60 F and maybe even 70 F. Spring is on the way!

Bluebirds stop and eat

Last of the summer berries

Food for the journey


EER_0882 (2)

EER_0880 (2)

EER_0869 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

I am linking this to the Monday Haibun for Frank Tassone’s prompt spring.

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46 thoughts on “The Last of the Berries

  1. I love how you’ve captured the bluebirds so vividly, Dwight, in photography and the haibun. Their colour is stunning. Pretty much all of the berries that were in our garden have gone, and the birds are enjoying seeds and fat balls in the feeders. I can’t believe the temperatures you’re expecting – I’m still shivering!


  2. We hear there are bluebirds in the area to which we’re moving, and we’re hoping to attract them to our feeders when we’ve moved. They rival the cardinal for beauty of color!

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  3. Living in a completely different parts of the world I expect many of us are jealous of the birds in your garden and probably you would feel the same way about our birds too. What a beautiful haibun this is.

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  4. I so enjoyed how you tied the two, the berries and the birds in both haibun and haiku, and a sign of spring, a joyful time for the birds who will fly away and for the berry tree maybe to grow more.

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