Surreal Dreams

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The tragic death of basketball star Kobe Bryant, his daughter, along with seven others in a helicopter crash once again reminds all of us that ,”life is but a dream!” It can be taken from us in an instant. It is so sad when lives are taken in their prime. For those left behind it must all seem like a bad dream.

Sudden death brings shock
Like living a dream too surreal
Never forgotten
Their spirit’s always with us
A deep sadness lies within

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

At d’verse Lillian asked to write a poem about dreams. There are many kinds of dreams. I chose to reflect on the events of this week, and the lives lost in California.

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35 thoughts on “Surreal Dreams

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  2. Being in San Diego now, there is so much on the news about this tragedy — because of course, all his 20 years in basketball were spent with the LA Lakers in California. So he is a “California son” so to speak.
    I’ve often wondered, which is worse: to lose someone suddenly like this, with absolutely no warning? Or to have a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness or a loved one injured severely from an accident, and then slowly die before your eyes? I think either way is horrible and most especially, as you indicate, when someone is far too young to become an angel. Yes — I am certain it all seems like a bad bad dream at first, expecting the loved one to walk through the door at any time. Surreal indeed.

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