Be Aware

IMG_6103 (3)

Some folks are like rocks

waiting for the next big quake

to let it all fall.

With troubles stacked overhead

Collapse inevitable

IMG_6105 (2)

Photos of Looking Glass Falls: Dwight L. Roth

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3 thoughts on “Be Aware

  1. I read you book about your grandfather Dwight, and with much pleasure. He was a very hard working man with many skills! Interestingly enough some of the practises you describe about milking the cows and stacking hay and so on, I remember myself from my own youth. I had to laugh about the stories of your grandmothers impatience. I had a grandmother like that, a fierce albeit caring lady, kind of overwhelming my calm, silent granddad. πŸ™‚ The story of the nails in the kitchen floor I find astonishing! And I learned a lot about the concrete business. No ready mades there, everything designed and done by hand. A wonderful read!

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    • I really appreciate your reading my book Peter! It is very gratifying to know that others enjoy my stories. There were some interesting events through out the book.

      If you are interested in reading more stories of my childhood, you can check out more of my books under my name on Thank you again for taking time to read my book!!

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