A Life Well Lived…

The story of  my Grandfather Christian Roth is now available on the Kindle e-book format at amazon.com. It is what I call a fictional biography. Information was passed down to me by my oldest first cousin, which I took and embellished. The facts of the happenings and events were all true, but many of the details were added by me to create the story.
The video above gives a 360 degree view of the exact setting of the book, near Allensville, Pennsylvania. The little gray farm house is where my Grandfather lived and where my father was raised. The white farm across the field is where my mother grew up.
My grandfather came to America with his family from Switzerland in 1882. They were originally form Altkirch, France, but had moved to Switzerland to avoid the Franco=Prussian war.
My grandfather was a concrete mason by trade. He had a little 17 acre farm, and raised skunks to earn extra money.  He was very creative as you will see. Some of his concrete work still remains in the area.
I think you will find the book fascinating and fun to read. Click the link below to view and read.

Or.. go to amazon.com and look up the title A Live Well Lived – Dwight Roth.

**The video above is also the setting for my e-book memoir Farm Stories also found on amazon.com under my name…


11 thoughts on “A Life Well Lived…

  1. petergreyphotography
    January 25, 2020 at 7:33 pm
    I read you book about your grandfather Dwight, and with much pleasure. He was a very hard working man with many skills! Interestingly enough some of the practises you describe about milking the cows and stacking hay and so on, I remember myself from my own youth. I had to laugh about the stories of your grandmothers impatience. I had a grandmother like that, a fierce albeit caring lady, kind of overwhelming my calm, silent granddad. The story of the nails in the kitchen floor I find astonishing! And I learned a lot about the concrete business. No ready mades there, everything designed and done by hand. A wonderful read!


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