Thrill of a Lifetime

EER_0662 (3)

Rolling down the mountain I see the sign, “Runaway Truck Ramp.”
I wonder, “What would it feel like driving an eighteen-wheeler;
Losing my brakes half-way down the mountain at seventy mph?
Would I panic or stay focused?
I would guide my rig right into that welcomed sand trail
Carving grooves // sinking in all the way to my axles
Coming to a rumbling halt half-way up.”
“Yes, that would definitely be the thrill of a lifetime!”

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Frank asked us to write a soliloquy (a literary effect of having a conversation with yourself in a poem).  This is my first attempt at a soliloquy. I hope it is close to being correct!

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40 thoughts on “Thrill of a Lifetime

  1. What is a ‘Runaway Truck Ramp’? I’m intrigued as to how they run away.
    Saying that, when I was a child, my father used to work at a dairy and occasionally I got to ride along in a very large Scammell lorry. What an exciting experience. I’m not sure I could drive one, though.

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  2. I have often wondered about those ramps, Dwight. I like the picture you draw and the motion generated by the poem…enjoyed this one…(as for the form, it is an interesting prompt, a lot of poems are essentially, soliloquies!)

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  3. I see this all the time where I live (never an actual run-away truck) but I swear I ponder the situation – not sure I’d ever call it a thrill of a lifetime! 🙂

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  4. Oh my …. this brings to mind our many years of “car vacations” — both growing up and also our camping trips with our kids. We’d see those lanes for runaway trucks and I always always wondered what it would be like! Never saw a truck use one….thank goodness!

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  5. I don’t know anything about the correctness of writing that, but I will admit to having those exact thoughts nearly every time I see those! Some of them are pretty scary looking though! It seems as if some don’t have enough sand to stop a truck coming that fast. Ever notice?

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