Birds are Timeless

EER_0750 (2).JPG
A pair of house finches pull sunflower seeds through the mesh. A new year has begun for us; but, for them it is still a matter of survival. Hopefully, my feeder provides them with needed resources as winter comes on strong.

Time keeps on ticking
Means nothing to my finches
Everydayโ€™s the same


EER_0749 (2).JPG

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at D’Verse Poets Pub, Bjorn asked us to write a Haibun that refers to the new decade starting and new beginnings.

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39 thoughts on “Birds are Timeless

  1. I have a feeder right outside my front window and a few in the back yard. I do my best to make my little friends happy every day or every other day. My reward comes when I see the male and female cardinal come to the feeder in late evening and he feeds his lady a seed. Feeding the birds is rewarding for BOTH them and me!

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  2. Dwight, the mourning doves have brought friends with them, and now 8 hang out together in the yard. They are such a peaceful and comforting presence, whether in the fruit trees or walking and bobby slowly along the driveway… You’re right about birds having no time other than a time for survival. Nice haibun and photos.

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  3. I love that you feed the birds. I do, too. Every day is much the same, for finches, and for people my age. There is comfort in that when one hasnt much energy. I so loved your poem. And the photos!

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  4. I have a bit of a different reaction to this one….it reminds me that there are some who are dependent on the good will of others. There are many finches in our midst….may we all be kinder to them in this new year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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