Taking Down Memories


Today I took the ornaments off of my Christmas tree, and packed them back in the box, to store until next year. I enjoyed looking again at each ornament, remembering that many of them came from my former elementary school students. Some I remembered; others had names on them. You may think an ornament is an insignificant gift, but mine have hung on my tree every year since 1970.

Gifts bring back mem’ries

Each one was a warm spot in my heart

Winter of my life



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

8 thoughts on “Taking Down Memories

  1. your haiku is very touching Dwight, something we can really relate too, memories stored and saved in the winter of our lives it brings warmth and joy. I also took down my Christmas tree yesterday. I have a lot of new ornaments, mostly about 10 years old. But there is one special one from my childhood though still not as old as yours from 1970! you preserve the memories so well, really connected with your haibun and haiku today.

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