The I am the Earth Theory

Ptoloemy theory (2)
I realize there are some of you who see things differently , but this is my opinion. You are welcome to share yours.
Like Ptolemy before us, we believe
we are the Earth, and everything revolves around us.
(figuratively speaking of course)
There are many who believe we humans
are destroying the planet
through self-centered carelessness
that causes global warming.
Populations explosions are putting
more and more demands on the Earth.
I believe in due time
the Earth will take care of itself;
Perhaps through famine, draught, illness or war.
Ecosystems have come and gone, as well as species
The Earth has been around long before us;
And will very likely be here long after we are gone.
When we cry over Global warming,
It is like attending the funeral of a loved one.
We mourn deeply for the loss;
But, we mourn even more for ourselves
and how the loss will affect us ongoing.
Earth’s heartbeat continues;
It will take more than we puny human beings
To destroy the Earth.
It will take something much more cataclysmic!
We are just warts on a sleeping giant.
Its rumbles, stretches, and groans
will continue to reshape
what we understand the Earth to be.

Diagram: Wikapedia



7 thoughts on “The I am the Earth Theory

    • Very good Peter! I had not thought of it that way, but you are right. We will do ourselves in and the earth will go on. Sounds pessimistic, but the reality of what is happening is like the writing on the wall!

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