Doves in Winter

EER_1300 (2)

It is always interesting to me when people feel the need to put little jackets on their dogs or blankets over the backs of horses. I may be totally uninformed, but I think,  “Why would you do that?  What about all the other creatures in nature that spend all winter in the freezing cold. They all adapt to the temperature changes with thick hides and hair or fluffed up feathers and a high metabolism rate that keeps them comfortable. The dove above sits on my deck rail, right in the snow, and seems to be quite comfortable as he watches me eat my breakfast. You can see all those fluffed up feathers insulates him very well!

Mourning dove eyes me

eating my breakfast cereal

Not phased by cold snow


EER_1298 (2)

EER_1292 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

9 thoughts on “Doves in Winter

  1. I like this too much. I also think like that. Everyone reacts to the weather in his/her own way but I have seen parents covering their children, head to toe here in 28 degrees. It’s always warm and humid here in my coastal city. Lovely post.

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  2. We have a pack of dogs. Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. We don’t buy sweaters for them because of the obvious. But, I’m a member of a couple of poodle and cocker groups on Facebook. Many of the posters do. It’s more about the human feeling good about himself or herself than it is about the dog feeling warm.

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