One Stitch at a Time


This quilt was made by my wife’s grandmother. She put a lot of love for her craft into each quilt. Back then the quilts were stretched across a quilting rack and stitched by hand. She and her friends would get together and spend time quilting and enjoying each other’s company.Β  You can see the beauty of the stitches in the floral design. These days quilts are still being made, but many are done on a long arm sewing machine.

One stich at a time

Friends creating a fine quilt

Love in each stitch

Needles pierce through cotton cloth

Winter snow remains outside



Photos: Dwight L. Roth


16 thoughts on “One Stitch at a Time

  1. The Quilt is beautiful and I am sure the women had a wonderful time sitting together and create their masterpieces.
    Where I grew up the women used to do fine embroidery and laces. As a girl
    I was allowed to sit with them and learn embroidery. I am afraid I gave it up as I moved to the city.

    Precious work and memories.


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  2. I have friends both in my life and online who have done some amazing quilting, and all say it comes from the heart. You are lucky to have one that has a family heart attached to it. The poem is a perfect match.

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