The Joy of Friendship

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Today, I am grateful for friendship. Over the years I have had some of the best friends anyone could ever want.  Friends come and go, but the feeling of connection is always there. In the photo above are two friends who live down the street. Danny is my age and is blind, and David lives right across the street from him. They both wanted me to teach them to play the guitar, so last January we started to get together twice a week.  We play and sing all of the old songs of our past. David learned very quickly, but Danny has taken longer due to his sight disability. We have adapted, by letting Danny play the home chord all the way through the songs, while David and I play all the chords. The clash of chords is not noticeable most of the time. We have great fun together.

Grateful for friendship

Young and old bring me much joy

Thanksgiving is here


Photo: Vera Payne

Today at d’Verse, Frank asked us to write a Haibun using a form of gratitude as our prompt. There are so many things in my life that I could be grateful for, but right up at the top is friendship. My connection between friends is second only to family.

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33 thoughts on “The Joy of Friendship

  1. Great photo, touching story but also funny. The imagine contrast of a “home chord” with the other cords which intentionally leave it behind for a while, is humorous and something only true friends can do forgivingly! Smile. One of those friends is apparently “blind”, but all wear glasses? That puzzled me — until I realized that legally blind folks can still benefit from thick glasses. What a fun, fun picture.

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    • Thanks Sabio! The idea of playing on while Danny played the home chord just evolved as we practiced. Rather than wearing out the chord change practice, we decided it sounded ok to us to play on! It works amazingly well.


  2. That’s a precious picture of a bond that I totally relate to. Yesterday my grand-nephew and I practiced a few duets that we’ll play at my sister’s nursing home today. An unlikely combination of cello and accordion!

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