Neighborhood Grinches

Grinch picture

Stealing Christmas
The Grinches are stealing Christmas
One gift at a time
It seems thy care not for children
Their brains are made of slime
In Dr. Seuss there was only one
Seems they’ve cloned a hundred times
Sneaking up on your front porch
Stealing your packages and mine
What nasty sorry creatures
Those Grinches have become
A nuisance in the neighborhood
They steal from old and young
From house to house they go
Following Fedex block to block
Hoping to score a big one
When they rip open that box
There is a place where Grinches go
Not to hell, though we don’t know
But there is a cell at the local jail
That will box them up pretty well

Clip art from

With Christmas not far off this is the time when many order online packages delivered to their door. I wrote this a couple of years ago, but thought it would be a good reminder to share it again.

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