Recycling Art

Horses Running in the surf - 2 (2)

Poetry in Motion

This is a painting I finished today. It is on a 4′ x 5′ recycled canvas that was given to me by a neighbor. It had a big beautiful Letterman cat on it. I took the canvas off the frame and turned it over. After three coats of acrylic latex primer I began working on these three horses running in the surf. I saw an I Love Horses video on Facebook showing horses running through the surf. I thought I might be able to paint them. It was an interesting challenge.  I think I will hang this one on my wall.  Following are the steps I used in creating this painting.

IMG_0630 (2).JPG


I did a small sketch first to see how it might look. Then I started working on the big sketch.



The white paint was so translucent that it would not build up very well. So I darkened the bodies and then went back with white again.

Horses runnign in the surf - 3 (2)

This is my end result! I never seem to be quite satisfied, but I think I will stop with this one.

27 thoughts on “Recycling Art

  1. Beautiful! You’re very talented. When I was in my 20’s I tried my hand at painting. I watched a lot of Bob Ross on PBS and he made it look so simple! I did fairly well after I worked up the courage to try something for the first time. It was fun. I doubt I could do as well as I did before.

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