I Love the Land

IMG_0415 (2)
You know, I have been around for quite a while
There is nothing much better than living on the land
The smell of fresh turned soil in the springtime
You might wonder why I feel this way…
My family farmed this land before I was born
They worked from morning till night plowing these fields
This team of horses loves to pull the plow for me
We are one in spirit, working together, they’re family
They do whatever I ask of them and enjoy it all
Now, we have Plow Days to remember those times
I believe it is so important to love the land
I will live on it and care for these horses till the day I die
There is nothing like the smell of fresh turned dirt in the springtime

IMG_0413 (2)

Photo of my good friend Jimmy Dozier of Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Today, at d’Verse,  Bjorn asked us to change the perspective of our poem and write in a way that is different from our normal perspective of writing. I decided to write a conversation poem, from the perspective of my friend Jimmy Dozier, who has sponsored Plow Days on his farm. People come from all around bringing tractors, mules, and horses. I did not use quotation marks since the whole thing is from the perspective of his narrative.

IMG_0416 (2)

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

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