Spider Poetry

IMG_8945 (2)

This beautiful writing spider floated in mid-air on the corner of my garage door. Spinning its lines next to the light, it sits waiting for the next poor bug to fly into the web. It is one of the biggest writing spiders that I have seen. Today I saw it wrapping up a bug for future consumption! Looks like his patience payed off!

Spider spins its web
Writing nature’s poetry
Floating on beauty


IMG_8936 (2)

IMG_8969 (2).JPG


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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73 thoughts on “Spider Poetry

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  2. Lovely
    I feel sad for the victims, but spiders are beautiful and amazing! I have a bug glass in the house with which I take outside those multi-legged intruders. They are not always the cooperative type. That’s when I scream like a girl until I regain control of the situation & get them in the glass. : )

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