Rooted in the Rocks

EER_0638 (2).JPG

Along the banks of the James River, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we found this giant oak tree, standing seventy or more feet tall. It was obvious that over the years flood waters washed against the roots exposing them to the elements. The roots adapted by covering themselves with bark. But even more importantly, they embedded themselves between the layers of uplifted rock. As a result of these muscular roots, the tree has withstood the ravages of nature and still stands today!

Oak’s muscular roots

Flex against layers of stone

Branches reach the sky


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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38 thoughts on “Rooted in the Rocks

  1. I’m a sucker for a tree poem, Dwight, and your haibun has set me up for the day. Oak trees are beautiful and this one is an amazing specimen, with its expressive roots sculptured by the elements. I love the idea of the muscular roots flexing against layers of stone.

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  2. Ahh. The Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. My favorite place to be! I love how you paid tribute so beautifully to not only that area but also to this stunning oak tree, weathering the storms of life.

    Isn’t it amazing what we can learn from observing nature? Though the storms of life have beaten and battered this tree, it stands more firmly rooted than it did before – displaying its glorious beauty for all to see. I love it! ♥

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