Pieces of Life

Old model A rusting away - Marc Andrew

Age does disturbing things to some minds. Alzheimer’s disease leaves many feeling like their memories are only scattered pieces. Life no longer makes sense, as short-term memory disappears. Stress levels increase and shut down. Confinement can become necessary to protect the person from wandering off or putting themselves in harm’s way. Some still remember the distant past and days of childhood. Happy and traumatic events from the past get repeated over and over again. Questions to visitors are repeated over and over again as well. It is very sad to see a person deteriorate in this way.

Aging rusts the soul
Life scattered like lights and doors
Falling leaves hide rust

Photo: Marc Andrew

27 thoughts on “Pieces of Life

  1. My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. In a strange twist of fate, the last years of her life were very pleasant for her. She could not remember the tragedies that plagued her life: of growing up during the Great Depression, not being able to have children naturally (I am adopted), being cheated on and consequently divorced. These events left her very bitter and lacking of trust. Even though she did not know who I was in her final years, our visits were always full of laughter. Just as you pointed out in your Haiku, the leaves of this disease did cover the rust!

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